About Us

MandurahToday is a family owned business based in Mandurah. We were established in 2011 and now we operate a large customer reward program with hundreds of businesses and thousands of members from all over Western Australia. Our main aim is to help businesses attract more customers and we do this by having businesses provide discounts or rewards for our members.

Here is some information about us:

  • Artwell - Technical Support, Website Maintenance & Marketing (IT)
    Artwell is responsible for ensuring the website runs smoothly with minimal downtime. He is also responsible for all of our computers and associated peripherals. Artwell regularly updates the website and performs various fixes. Both Artwell and Bo are responsible for listing new businesses onto the website and keeping members up to date with the newest businesses and related news.
  • Bo - Marketing, Business Development & Client Negotiation (Business Partner, B. Eng, B. Com, AAPI, CPV, BankWest Accredited Business Introducer)
    Bo is responsible for the marketing side of the business. He has extensive experience in management roles. Bo is also responsible for adding new content, including business listings, to the website.
  • We endeavour to offer a user friendly website to provide an unforgettable experience.

    ABN: 64 857 468 073

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