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Changes to website URL's
Posted: 9/03/2016

As part of our routine upgrades, we will soon be updating our entire website and changing the URL's. As you can currently see, all URL's on this website are:

After the update, they will be shortened. This will mean that you need to update your bookmarks. An eta has not yet been set however all will be informed before this change commences.

Contact Page Icon Fixed
Posted: 15/12/2015

We have now fixed the issue with the contact page icon not appearing properly.

Please report any other problems as we gradually refurbish our website.

Website Improvements
Posted: 7/12/2015

As you may have noticed, we have made some improvements to our website. Some of the improvements made or will be made include:

  • New theme
  • Security and performance upgrades
  • Content refresh

    We endeavour to deliver the best experience possible. Please continue to submit your feedback - we want to hear what you have to say!

    We are on Twitter
    Posted: 20/08/2015

    We just wanted to let everyone know that we are now on Twitter. To follow us, please click here. We will soon be providing a link to our Twitter page on the footer.

    Additional Website Modifications
    Posted: 18/07/2015

    We have now made are are in the process of continuing modifications to our website. We are endeavouring to make our website as user friendly as possible so stay tuned for further details. Here's a look at what we are planning:

  • Website Tidy up to make the site look better and more user friendly
  • New Webshop so businesses can renew memberships online and we will be able to offer new payment options
  • Revised user registrations - you must activate your account before being able to use it
  • And more!

    Frequently Asked Questions page now up
    Posted: 17/02/2015

    Our new FAQ page is now up and running. Please feel free to browse through it. If you have a question which is not listed, feel free to let us know!

    New Website Look!
    Posted: 6/02/2015

    This article will be progressively updated as the site is refurbished.

    We have now implemented a new look and feel for the Mandurah Today website. This is a long overdue renovation which has finally been started! As you can see our website is not yet up to scratch however we are working on it.

    What is there still to do? To give you an idea, we've listed them below.

  • New theme
  • New banner
  • New homepage layout
  • Performance fixes
  • New banner graphics
  • And more!

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